MD’s Desk

“Exceed Expectations”

amit-modiDear Friends,

Looking back in time to Yr.2000, I still remember Modi Group commencing operations as a small time automobile franchisee.

Since then, Modi Group has undergone tremendous change, growth, expansion, and incorporation as a professionally managed organisation. Today, the Group is one of the leading business conglomerates of Kolkata in the state of West Bengal. With well defined business goals and a dynamic team, the Group has plans of expanding to global markets as well. The Group’s success can be attributed to its entrepreneurial vision, customer-focused strategy, creative solutions and its ability to identify profitable business opportunities and harness them.

Our journey to excellence has not been a cake-walk. As one may expect, it has been riddled with many bumps. With, our competence and ability to turnaround challenges into opportunities, we have always been competent to surpass them. One of the biggest challenges in today’s business environment is increased globalization and customer-orientation. Organisations across the world have to constantly innovate solutions that meet and exceed expectations of customers. Our customer centric strategy has borne rich fruit and we are proud to state that we are one of the exclusive distributors of Skoda cars in the state of West Bengal under the banner of  “Jia Auto”.

West Bengal, itself has experienced and is still undergoing major development activities in many sectors such as manufacturing, trading, retailing and real-estate to name a few.

The global economy is also poised for years of solid growth and I firmly believe that Kolkata will be the next market to contribute significantly to this growth. Indian economies as a whole registered their highest growth in almost a decade, and that coming years should be as good, or even better. The time is right for the Indian economies to leverage their abundant natural and human resources, and establishes their rightful position in the global economy.

With our feet firmly on the ground and our sight far beyond the horizon, we will continue to partner this development.

We honour our commitment to quality, our vigorous involvement in community development, and above all, we celebrate the lively spirit of innovation and strategies that have made Modi Group what it is today.

We celebrate our team of over 30 professionals, who always manage to exceed expectations.


Managing Director